Friday, 14 December 2007

How to lose weight....


The purpose of that blog is to help people who want to lose weight and change their lives.
I said their lives, because if you are not happy with the person in the mirror , it effects whole your motivation and performance, so as a result it effects your life.

As much as you are happy with the person in the mirror, you became a happy person and that makes you more positive.

First of all i am not an expert and about that topic but i lost 14 kg in 2.5 months without losing my health :). What i will do is simple, i will tell you what i have done with details and at the end it is up to you !

So lets start with basic information.

- During your daily activities you will need avarage 2000 - 2500 calories. That might be more or less depending on the amount of the muscles that you have and depends what you do during the day.So the extra calories that you could not burn will be kept as fat on your body.And 9000 calories = 1 KG fat.

Mainy that is what you need to know :) !

What you will do is, you will try to eat something which will give you less than 2500 calories per day to you.Calculate it.Be carefull , it is important what kind of food type you are eating, if you dont eat right foods which will give you enough, vitamins and proteins, you may end up losing your health !

My Tips to you

* Find a food calorie table and calculate the amount of the calories you got per day. (Available at the end of post)
* Find a exercise calorie table and calculate the amount of the calories you burn per day. (Available at the end of post)
* Check the calories of the foods before you buy them.
* Stay away from fried foods or ready cooked ones and try to have boiled food.
* Dont take alchol or dont eat sweets , instead prefer vegetables and fruits.
* Drink tea or only water, stay away from fanta or coke, even if they are low calories, the acid inside of them will damage your stomach.So stay away from these things.
* Eat less and serve the food in different courses instead of putting them all in one plate , put half of it first and if it is not enough then have other half.
* Eat slowly and with small bites.
* When you end up in front of fridge, just find a mirror and look at yourself and tell that you want a change so you wont be eating it anymore.
* Dont eat anything 5 hours before you go to bed.
* Exercise ! Go for running or fast walking.
* Make plan for sit ups and push ups, find a guide on the internet for yourself which will teach you right way of doing sit ups and push ups.
* Anytime you have free try to exercise
* Check your weight once a week not more than that and right your kg down and smile, becuase when you see actually you are loosing weight, it will motivate you to contunie to your diet.
* Print out your diet plan and put it somewhere you can see it.
* Make a plan that will make you lose weight between 750 gr to 1500 grs per week.

An Example Diet for you for 173 cm and 84 kg person, aim to be 70 kgs in 3 months.

- Breakfast
2 slices of Toasted bread, one bolied egg, peace of low fat cheese and cup of low fat milk, a spoon honey.

Note: Breakfast is important, dont skip it !

- Lunch
2 slices of Toasted bread, boiled vegs (not too much), one fruit (any fruit you want) and a small piece of bbq meat(must not contain fat) or canned fish or boiled chicken meat.

Boiled meat and a green salad(Salad can not contain oil inside and it should have mainly green vegs). Or only boiled vegs.

You should support that diet with vitamin pills, since you will be eating less.

Key thing in that diet is YOU ! first of all you should believe you can do it and whenever u want to eat u should be able to stop yourself by telling to yourself you want to look better !

Make your diet plan for 4 or 5 months, it is a short time, compare with a your life length.

I did it ;). I know you can do it too. Good luck

Here is a food calorie table for you.

Here is a exercise calorie table for you.

Remember exercise as much as you can and calculate the calories to lose fat ! Your health is most important! So dont make yourself sick while you are trying to look good :).

Kind Regards.